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Your complaint was super effective! CRTC is still crap though, and so is traffic shaping.

Woah…WOAH. Ok so, a few weeks ago (on a whim really, and upset that after paying for hotfile premium I still got shit speeds) I sent out a complaint to the CRTC stating that bell throttles websites that are not listed in their traffic management protocols/documentation online (which is essentially not allowed). I finally got a response today :o

An experiment in 3D Max :o

Just an experiment in 3D Studio Max in texturing, lighting, micro triangle modeling and compositing.

Swan-dive into Android development!

I’ve decided to take a crack at developing my own android game. I figure, since I’m getting an android phone soon (hopefully…come on Rogers! I want my Samsung Captivate!) I should learn how to develop things for it :o I’m going to use this post to walk you through what I did and what I’ve learned while doing it to hopefully save someone out there some headache.

Going Ons

Whew, busy last little while – been a while since my last post!

Since then, I’ve applied to positions for an internship at school and finished my semester. Went through a bunch of interviews and finally accepted a position at ATI (i.e. AMD) which is awesome! I’m not really sure yet if I’m allowed to blog about the things I’ll be working on there but I’ll find out. Would be cool to keep track of the progress I make while there for the next 16 months. Along with that, I’ve bought myself a car to get to and from work[…] read more

Your site, saved and backed up on the S3 cloud!

I got sick of having to do backups manually and then manually saving them somewhere…then I wondered if it’d be possible to use my S3 service to back up my website? I mean, I’m already using it as a content distribution system but having a full backup of all files + databases would be nice too!

What You Need

You’ll need PHP, bash, CRON access and python to get this working. And given the bash/cron requirements, that also means it assumes you’re running a *nix based server. It’s probably possible to get the requirements down, but I just wanted to[…] read more

Creating a Windows Phone 7 Series application

Yay, long article time!

With the release of the Windows Phone 7 Series (I really really hate that name so I’m gonna just use winmo7) SDK, I decided to give it a shot and see how hard (or even easy?) creating an application on the platform would be.

I should probably mention I have very little experience coding in SilverLight and only dabbled with it a while ago, and I’ve been coding in C# for a good half year or so now but once again not quite that much experience in the language. On top of that, most C#[…] read more

Speed, projects and features – oh my!

Added a whole bunch of new features to the blog, mostly back end changes but a few new pages too.

There’s the new “Projects” section which is powered by a nice little back-end script to let me easily manage links and data to all the projects I’m working on, or have worked on.

I added a “LifeStream” – based on the same concept that facebook uses to aggregate many social sites into one ‘stream’. Ironically, I disabled facebook from showing up on the stream because it was posting way too much. Though the upside[…] read more

video+cross post test, second attempt

Alrighty, here’s another attempt at cross posting to facebook + twitter + tumblr from my blog. Previously I had my posts being pushed to tumblr and twitter, and then tumblr pushing to facebook. But this made the facebook link back to tumblr and depending on the type of post may not display all my text on FB itself. So now I’m trying to get WP to push directly to FB…

And of course an embed test.

Da Stank Bank Uploader – progress!

Got a chance to sit down and finally do some more coding for this project which has been neglected for long enough now :/

I managed to add effectively full (for the program’s purposes anyways) youtube support to the program now. So it’ll batch render the mp3s to videos, and then upload all of them to youtube. The user can choose a youtube description for each file or just use the default one, as well as tags, the youtube category (synch’d with their schema), tags, etc…

Next up is figuring out the wordpress API to make posts on there,[…] read more

video+cross posting test

Trying to see if I can get a video to post properly on here, facebook, tumblr and link from twitter while only making a single post here. That, and this is a damned cool video anyways!

Higher quality vimeo link
Youtube embed…cause I think this should get embedded on tumblr?